What does “swambunkered” mean?


Swambunkering is an act that results in one party suffering at the hands of another. It can be comical, ironic, painful, malicious, deceitful or a host of other types of adjectives depending on the context. A common use of the word is negative in connotation, often associated with humor. A recent example of this use would be describing a recent juke seen in Super Bowl LI (51) when Gabriel of the Falcons jukes a Patriot cornerback, effectively “swambunkering” him.

gabriel swambunkers patriot
Gabriel swambunkered this Patriot!




past tense: swambunkered; past participle: swambunkered

(used without object), swambunkered, swambunkering

  1. To deceive in an overly competitive, almost insidious fashion; hoodwink, bamboozle, swindle

“he thought he was simply attending a free dinner event, but was swambunkered into a timeshare presentation”

  1. To heap onto someone an inordinate amount of displeasure, pain, shame, work or some other object with a perceived lamentable connotation; sabotage, ambush, sneak attack

“the boss swambunkered her with a data analysis project minutes before she packed up for the weekend” has hosts of other examples of the various ways in which the term “swambunkered” can be used in modern society colloquial communication.