Senior Swambunkered Implementation Bunker of Swam Executive Coordinator

We have an immediate opening for a master of swambunkering to lead up efforts here at Swambunkered. This position will be a low visibility role where you’ll get to showcase your abilities to define and execute random tasks that’ll produce immediate results (ie, pain for your enemies). Duties will include slinging content, building doorway pages, cloaking tactics, creating on-site hidden text, finding content to promote, and then promoting the content. Swambunkered is an equal opportunity source of confusion where everyone will be on your hitlist. Assume the competition is the internet and you are the lion. As a lion, you must defeat your enemies thru all means necessary. True lions of swambunkered will be compensated with fine hand-picked selections of usda prime meats, slowed grilled on low heat for 60 minutes until medium rare and evenly pink throughout.